Garden Restoration in Bangkok

The team met with a customer in Eastern Bangkok, who had a modest sized garden that required a major overhaul! Due to four tall trees, the garden remained in shade, and so the owner had installed a rock garden which was mixed colour and with haphazardly placed pavers. This garden deserved an upgrade! The team got busy by first removing all the tall trees, which really opened out the garden, making it brighter, and giving the team more options on the plant selection.

bangkok landscaping

The installation team installed a geotextile underlay, brick borders, raised brick steps and a mix of random cut natural stone, modern concrete pavers. Hedge planting around the outer edges encloses the new garden and give privacy.

thai gardens

Included in the scope was also a fully automatic sprinkler system to help maintain the new lawn at the front of the house, and to water the new plants around the garden. Set to run twice a day, the owner can leave the home and know that the sprinkler will water the plants whilst he is out.

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Another successful installation by the Thai Garden Design team! If you need help or assistance with your garden landscape in Thailand, contact us for a friendly consultation.

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