Reclaimed Timber Pool Deck for Hua Hin Couple

Part of a larger landscaping transformation (more to follow) this 80 square meter reclaimed timber pool decking. The existing gold sandwash finish wasn't working for the owners, who had just purchased the property. The deck team got to work.

tropical pool deck

The team began by clearing the old lawn and installing the concrete piling to give the deck a stable foundation. A gravel course and anti weed geotextile was laid, and metal joists and framework bolted down. The owners were quite specific that they wanted an old style wooden deck, so the reclaimed wood was the perfect match, and helped to keep the budget down.

tropical landscaping

Before the top boards were installed, the team at Thai Garden Design also contacted a local pest control company who installed fumigation pipework at keys areas of the foundation, so every few months it would be easy to re-visit and keep termites and other pests at bay/

hardwood decking

The top deck was sanded and levelled with the existing house terrace, ensuring a seamless transition from house to pool. The team also redesigned and installed the surrounding tropical planting, ensuring low maintenance privacy all year round.

landscaping hua hin

The final deck is a unique hardwood deck, feels great underfoot, has an extremely strong, non-rust and versatile foundation, which will last for many years. The reclaimed wood will age and just look better and better as time goes by.

timber decking hua hin

To finish off, the team designed and built this pool shower, cladded with the same style wood, and with modern stainless steel fitting. Adjacent to the pool steps, it is easy to access and finishes off this unique pool area in style. If you require help with your tropical garden in Thailand, you've found us, contact the team at Thai Garden Design.

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