Pond and Natural Planting for your Thai Garden

The tropical climate offers many benefits – one being that it is normal to want to spend time outdoors, enjoying the garden. But many times this is hard to do, as people naturally place home and interior design over the garden landscape…..but….. for all those that reside in Thailand, it is important to remember that the garden space is an incredibly important aspect that contributes to the overall atmosphere of any home.

Natural pond and planting landscape in thailand

One way to really get the most out of an empty space or area within the garden, is to create an attractive pond area, with tropical planting and abundant wildlife.

Despite appearances, these areas are in fact artificial… The owners have control of much of the systems that govern them…. filtering systems, waterfall pond pumps, sprinkler set-ups and such like, all helping to maintain these areas and keep them healthy and attractive.

Pornchai Garden have many years experience creating such environments within Thai gardens all across Thailand. If you would like help or assistance improving your landscape in Thailand, garden, workplace or otherwise, email ben@thaigardendesign.com or call 080 655 8110 (Thai or English) for a full and free consultation.

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