New Access and Landscaping for Thai Home

Pornchai Garden received an enquiry from a client who was desperate to improve access to their newly purchased Thai home.

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The old owners had blocked up one of the side paths with lots of rock, and the overall area had become a 'no go zone', with stoney soil, bad drainage, and unattractive plant and tree growth that had become a habitat for unwanted wildlife.

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The new garden was to be open and allow easy access to the home, with a new garden gateway and path leading up from the existing driveway, new grass, and all to be good looking and easy on the eye.

wooden gateway thailand

Once the rock and general area were cleared, a new entrance gateway was constucted with an outdoor hardwood, excellent for standing up to the tropical weather for many years to come. This was to become the main entranceway into the house garden.

thai garden

After the team have finished, the garden is unrecognizable from before. Even the owners were shocked with the transformation, as they could not envisage the proposed changes. All the soil has been cleaned up and new grass laid, some of the rocks have been re-used in a more aesthetic way, and the new gateway stands proud as the entrance to the home, a far cry from the rock boulders that stood in the way before.

new gateway pathway thai garden

Another Thai garden landscaping transformation, courtesy of the Thai Garden Design team.

If you have a Thai garden that needs sorting out, don't delay, email for advice and assistance.

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