Crinum Lily (พลับพลึง กทม) Walkway

The picture is an excellent illustration of good tropical garden design. This walkway curves around and out of sight, providing elusive mystery to all users and onlookers of the path… More notably, both sides are a glorious display of tropical planting. The majority of the foreground foliage being made up of พลับพลึง กทม, Crinum Lily (aka Spider Lily).

crinum lily walkway

The sword shaped green leaves provide excellent decoration for both sides of this walkway, and are a great foliage for many other tropical settings.

Crinum is a perennial plant that belongs to a genus of some 180 species. They grow from bulbs, and at certain times of the year develop very distinctive white / off white flowers. They can grow up to 5 feet and do well in well drained and moist soil. They are also quite poisonous, and all parts of the plant should be handled with care.

crinum lily spider lily

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