Office Balcony Garden Designs in Bangkok

Balcony's can be a great place to show off a garden. In this example, Formia, a leading supplier of high end cosmetic products to the travel industry, required a new balcony design for their balcony's at their show room in Bangkok. The existing space was empty, and had unfortunate views of surrounding buildings.

bangkok balcony design

The team advised on the best ways to mask the A/C units, and to create a low maintenance, decorative garden that would look nice as a backdrop to the rest of the office. The finished balcony is a nice modern collection of plants, colour, rock and stone, with some artificial plants that will not be effected by the A/C ducts. The new balcony is  a far cry from the grey, dull view that was present before.

balcony gardens thailand

Do you have an office balcony in Thailand that could use some professional garden design help? We can give advice on all aspects, from the bottom up, and once agreed, we will come and install the whole thing…. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information.

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