Concrete Driveways in Hua Hin

Thai Garden Design have been working for the past few months on helping an Expat couple in Hua Hin design and develop landscaping designs for their newly built home near the centre of town. In the first phase on the project, the team laid a large concrete driveway that included a roundabout central to the main entrance of the house, and on a sloping gradient.

concrete driveway hua hin

The owner was present on site and so during the installation he was able to advise on his preferences for shaping and details of the drive. The team began by preparing the foundation and leveling the land so the concrete could be added.

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The team ensured that expansion joints were included in the design and build to ensure the longevity of the drive. Asphalt was carefully added between the concrete work, to allow for flexibility but give added strength.

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The measurements for the roundabout were checked to ensure the easy turn of cars into and out of the property. At a later stage, trees, grass and planting will be added to increase the beauty of the front of the home.

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The team will also install a sprinkler system at a later stage, and so the proper access pipework was planned and installed during this part of the build.

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Once the concrete was dry, the team constructed a solid kerb using bricks and then rendering the concrete, giving a smooth edge. Pipes for drainage and the soaking away of runoff water were also added, and the driveway is sloped towards existing drains.

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So if you're in the market to plan, design and install your concrete driveway in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design for a friendly chat about your ideas and requirements, in both Thai and English languages.

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