New Brick Terrace for Resort Garden

A large complex of villas in Hua Hin, Thailand required some landscaping work at the front of their development. The area initially was basic waste ground, with scattered building materials, and all at uneven levels.

thai garden

The owner had alot of bricks leftover from previous work, and wanted to use them in order to save on project costs.

thailand bricks and landscaping

The team at regraded the entire area, and compacted it well. A sand layer was laid on top and the owners bricks were inset expertly to create a nice, even Thai style brick terrace.

garden design in thailand

The new terrace has planting space left around the edges, so tropical plants and hedges can be installed at a later stage to enclose the area, which is currently planned as restaurant seating for the residents of the villas.

thailand gardens

If you have a landscaping project in Thailand (no matter where you reside) we can help and will provide advice and quotations in both English and Thai – contact [email protected] for more information.

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