Japanese Style Garden & Landscaping For Thailand Expat

A resident of North East Thailand contacted Thai Garden Design to help them with their back yard garden design and installation… The house was newly built, and the garden was mid-sized, and bare. There were large ditches along the back wall which needed to be filled, and there was no grass present, or any form of planting.

japanese garden in thailand

Thai Garden Design first advised on a plant and tree selection, as well as ideas for the yard, which included a Japanese pebble garden design, a 2 metre curved concrete bench, wooden swing chair, and lighting.

new thai garden thailand

With new soil, grass and planting, this garden will continue to grow and flourish around the new features. The land is now perfectly flat, with the new trees offering up shade, volume and colour.

japanese garden design in thailand

If you reside in Thailand and your garden or landscape requires a new design concept and professional garden installation team, then look no further, contact [email protected]

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