Modern Style Koi Fish Pond in Ayuthayya

The Thai Garden Design team helped an American Expat design his koi fish pond at his traditional Thai home in Ayuthayya province, Thailand. The pond itself was to be large, over 40 square meters in size, and 1.50m deep.

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The team came up with 3D drawings for the final look and helped with the design on the large filter system, which incorporated a number of settling chambers, various filter medium, a biological filtration chamber and all the required pipe and valve work. The filter itself is completely housed under a timber wood decking, with four access panels to all parts of the filter.

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The pond itself has two skimmers, to trap floating debris on the surface of the pond, and a number of air jets and air pumps which keep the water moving and oxygenated, as well as a modern style waterfall.

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The exterior sides are finished in a dark sandwash aggregate, hard wearing, and a stepping stone pathway built across the length of the pond, just above water level, offering interesting views at all times of the koi carp. Two bottom drains also mean the pond can be easily drained at any time and at speed.

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The owner was very pleased with the final look, filter system and solid construction. His traditional Thai home now has a very modern and enjoyable koi carp pond which will offer many hours of interest and fun for all who visit the home. If you need a professional landscaping partner in Thailand, you've found us, contact Thai Garden Design for sound professional advice on all aspects on landscaping and gardening in Thailand.

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  1. Koi pond is expensive more than any other and needs extra care of EPDM Pond Liners to let fish survive in healthy environment.

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