Tropical Green Garden for New Pattaya Home

Thai Garden Design competed against another well known garden company based in Pattaya, and won the job for this newly built, modern home in central Pattaya. 

garden landscapes thai garden design

The garden was a blank canvas, a flat space.. But once the design and planting list were agreed, this blank space was rapidly transformed into an interesting, tropical green garden.

tropical gardens

The team began by bringing in a number of loads of topsoil mix and removing excess debris and concrete leftover from the build. Large trees were brought in and craned over the high walls of the compound.

thailand gardeners

All trees were designed to match the modern look of the house, and give the garden some depth amongst the height and large structure of the home. All tall trees were planted and staked securely into position.

pattaya gardener

Grass was then also brought in, laid and heavily watered by the team, to ensure it would successfully root. Advice on maintenance and care for the plants was given to the owners once the team had departed the site.

garden landscapes thailand

Another successful job by the Thai Garden Design team. If you would like your garden in Thailand designed by the team here, check out our about page and contact page for more information.

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