Tropical Hardscape Garden in Huay Yai, Pattaya

The Thai Garden Design team just recently designed and installed this lovely new hardscape garden for a South African expat located in a new home in the Huay Yai area of Pattaya, Chonburi.

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The garden space after the house construction was barren and littered with builders waste. Once the team had discussed the plan details and planting list with the owner, at an agreed time they moved in and transformed the garden.


Land levels were raised to the correct levels to make access around the home and garden easy. The tall trees were all planted and supported with wood stacks, and then the beds for smaller foliage and ground covers was installed according to the plan and the owners own preferences.

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Once the planting was ready, the team laid down black plastic geotextile material for anti-weed prevention and good drainage, large laterite terrace bricks, different coloured rocks and river pebbles were used to dress the rest of the spaces. All areas, including the side gardens and walkways, were transformed with concrete pavers and stones.

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The advantage of building a hardsape garden like this, is that there is no need for grass, which can be a high maintenance element in any garden in Thailand. With a hardscape garden, minimal maintenance and care is required to keep it looking fresh and new (although the choice of stones is paramount).

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Last but not least, the team installed a recirculating waterpot feature, that has a catchment basin below the level of the pebble stones, to catch the water, and recycle it back seamlessly through the top of the pot, making a nice feature and a pleasant running water sound.

If you own a garden or are building a new house in Thailand, why not contact us so we can advise on building your perfect Thai garden. We design and install gardens from start to finish.

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