Large Waterfall Build Project in Pattaya …

Thai Garden Design recently designed and installed this complete rock waterfall, measuring close to 25 sqm in area, in a natural meandering curve shape, with the main waterfall located in the far corner and facing the main pool terrace. This location means that the owners get a great view of the structure from all areas of the house, and the gentle water sound can be heard throughout the compound.

pattaya waterfall project

Timed to be completed just as the house itself was being finished, the team took just under two weeks to construct the pond and waterfall.

waterfall and pond pattaya

Other features included were a complete filter system (top left of above picture) including all filter medium, UV lamp and covering hardwood decking. Decorative elephant spouts, two positioned at either side and pouring water into the pond, plus, two lower shelves enabling turtles to enter and exit the pond.

pond and waterfall construction pattaya

The waterfall and pond are now the main feature of this new garden, great for impressing guests and visitors.

sala view of waterfall, pattaya

And the waterfall is now a great place to relax in the shade, with the help of this sala, located just on the edge of the pond. If you are in the market to design and install a wonderful new Thai garden, then you have found us! Contact the Thai Garden Design team from this page for a friendly chat and consultation.

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