New Modern Pool Deck for Boutique Hotel

The Thai Garden Design team are currently involved in large landscape renovations taking place at a new Boutique hotel in central Bangkok. Part of the scope for Thai Garden Design was to create an attractive hardwood pool deck area for customers to the hotel. The previous finish was a mix of pebbles and concrete with random cut stone. This was hard to use furniture on and given the changes to the hotel the owners required something much more visually appealing.

modern pool decking designs

(Picture above: the old pool area was tired and needed a facelift). The team came up with a diagonal deck concept, with the top deck being installed at a 45 degree angle. Underneath the deck the team would also install a non-rust metal frame, providing longevity. The framework was cut so that drainage remains good even during periods of heavy rainfall.

hardwood deck bangkok

(Picture above: Framework provides strength to the new decking). The new look really changes the feel of the swimming pool area, and with the additional of loungers and some simple furniture, this will provide a great space for customers to relax and enjoy Bangkok.

diagonal pool timber decking

Other landscape improvements will be listed in a later post. If you have landscaping requirements in Bangkok, or indeed anywhere in Thailand then you're in the right place. Contact the Thai Garden Design team for more information.

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