Large Garden Installation, Tropical Waterfall & Grass at Chonburi

The Team at Thai Garden Design have been involved in the design of this large garden landscape at a home in Chonburi. With 3 rai of land to cover, the design included the installation of established trees, land preparation, grass install, a large tropical waterfall built into an existing pond, and an automatic sprinkler system.

landscaping chonburi

(Picture above: The finished house with land prepared. Second picture after grass and plants have been installed) The large modern household benefits from a large plot. The team began by laying the pipework for the sprinkler system which would draw water from a 20,000 L tank located at the side of the land. The sprinkler system, due to the size of the plot, is separated into six zones, which when in operation, are watered in sequence for a preset period of time.

thailand gardens

A large granite rock waterfall, facing the main terrace of the house, was built into the sides of an existing natural pond. The team arranged for a crane to be on site to lift the rocks into position and cemented into place. Water is recirculated out of the pond, into an upper trough, which fills and spills over the top, to make the waterfall effect. After the waterfall was built, planting and tropical trees were planted around the area to create a fantastic view from the house terrace (picture below).

waterfall builder

The plant selection was a joint process between Thai Garden Design and the owners, who had clear ideas on the effect and look they wanted to achieve (picture below).

tropical thai garden landscaping

Finally, over 3,500 SQM of grass were sourced, supplied and installed by the Thai Garden team, with this taking three days. Once the grass was down, lots of water and fertilizer were applied to ensure the roots of the turf have a good chance to take and spread.

sprinklers thai

(Picture above: the sprinkler system in operation) The total garden installation took the team approximately five weeks, including the build of the waterfall.

If you are in the market for designing and building your own unique tropical garden in Thailand, you've come to the right place. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information on how to start the process.

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