Front Garden Terraces and Driveways for Bangkok Homes

Many Bangkok homes within housing estates have similar style front terraces. The companies that develop the estates often have a tried and tested design for the driveway's, pathways, and even similar plants and trees are used. This can sometimes mean the homes within the street can look a little similar to each other.

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In this example, the owners of a new home in Bangkok wanted to extend their home somewhat by making the front section of the plot more 'usable'. Thai Garden Design recommended installing a piled, concrete terrace, approximately 35 sqm in size, finished with a sandwash and tile design. The owners agreed and the team got to work.

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The new terrace design really makes this garden unique, and more usable, than other similar sized properties in the estate. The grass area at the back, which had sunk in places, was completely refilled with good soil, and re-grassed also. New curved brick dividers were installed to give more curve and emphasis to the beds around the fence and the home, improving the look of the garden.

concrete driveways and terraces thailand

Finally the garden was fitted with an automatic sprinkler system, which covered fully both the lawn and planted beds on separate zones, for the home-owner can water each individually at any time.

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So if you're currently residing in Bangkok, and you desire perhaps a more unique or styled garden, then look no further – talk to the experts at Thai Garden Design for advice and design ideas to improve your garden landscape in Thailand.

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  1. Great job! The turnout is really superb. The patio has a clean and sleek finish, making it look smart – just impressive. And together with the greenery, it is just a sight to look at.

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