Modern Outdoor Deck and Planters for New Silom Spa

The Thai Garden Design team just collaborated with the new and exciting 'Infinity Spa' based in Silom to work with their team to design and install a modern decking at the front of their business. The design spec included size restrictions due to the street regulations, a need to 'flow' from outdoor to the interior of the premises, plus low maintenance.

cement board decking thai

After several discussions, the team chose a versatile material known as 'viva board', a wood cement board material, which matched well 'colour-wise' with the cement flooring of the interior of the shop, and is also low maintenance. The Thai Garden Design team constructed a rust proof metal frame, to sit the deck on top of, and large planters (also made from viva board) that would hold the plants and trees as designed by Thai Garden Design.

bangkok landscape designs

The final look is modern, standout, and usable. Syzygium Campanulatum trees create a colourful screen between the interior of the shop and the street, with modern grasses used for the front planters adjacent to the shop itself. The design also included 'bench seating,' should customers wish to sit outside.

bangkok garden landscapes for businesses

If your business landscape requires unique design and implementation with modern landscaping materials, then get in touch. We can help you visualize, design, install and maintain your landscape in Thailand.

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