Bland Landscape into Tropical Oasis

The Thai Garden Design team visited a property in Palm Hill Villas in Cha Am, Prauchuap Khiri khan to help the owner plan, design and install a new tropical garden at their new pool villa. The house was recently finished and the couple were interested in planning a new landscape for them to enjoy from there large terrace. The garden was inherited from the developer was fairly bland, with just a few bushes around the perimeter wall and a few coconut palms.

new tropical garden landscape

The owner and the team designed a planting plan suited to the owners tastes and strong light levels of the garden. A large corner was curved with grass removed, new soil, and lots of coconut mulch. A selection of plants were used here with further planting planned for a later date.

thai garden design

Towards the centre of the garden and in better view of the terrace, a naturally shaped pond was excavated and lined with black pond liner. Around the edges the team constructed a sandstone rock design and low waterfall. With some planting, this new pond becomes the central feature of the garden, pleasing to the eye and lit up during the evening.

A new garden transformation from the team at Thai Garden Design – If you want to design and install a unique and spectacular garden, contact Thai Garden Design for more information.

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