Installing a Sprinkler System in your Thai Garden

thai garden sprinkler system

Pornchai Garden, owners of Thai Garden Design, are the experts at installing garden irrigation and sprinkler systems, suitable for Thai gardens of all shapes and sizes.

The systems themselves are built to your own requirements, whether you need a large amount of ground covered, or just a few nooks and areas, and the mechanics are also bespoke, whether you need a simple manual switch system, or on an automatic timer; the team here have installed them all.

thai sprinkler system

A sprinkler system will also help improve garden grass, which, with regular watering, can improve in quality and revert back into softer, greener, more feet friendly grass.

So next time you haul the hose out, or tut tut at the local handyman whose not quite doing the job as required, think of us here over at Pornchai Garden.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to just reach over, and flick your brand new sprinkler switch?

If that sounds like a good idea, call us on 080 655 8110, or send Ben an email at We look forward to helping you build your perfect Thai garden.

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