Tile Design – Give your Thai Front Garden a Facelift

thai garden tiling and good tile design

The front garden is an important part of any house. It is an indication to the rest of the world what kind of person or family you are.

Bangkok front gardens vary widely in style, many are little more than a gate, or a long wall. Residential homes in Bangkok estates usually have a more open frontage, often with a large gate of some description, with an open view into the garden or yard.

In this example in Pathum Thani, the white wall and railings were looking a bit dull. The plant boxes were old, and unclipped, and the grey paving at the front of the property added to the general tone. The owner contacted Pornchai Garden to come up with a solution, and to help brighten up the front portion of their home.

The Pornchai team fixed up the plant boxes and remodelled them with a new sleek finish. The walls were painted well, giving a much needed bright look. The front section of paving, and the new plant boxes, were completely retiled.

thai front garden new design

The front garden is now a pleasing part of the landscape. The new tiles have changed the face of the home; the plants look fresh and bright. Overall, the home looks warm, welcoming and sophisticated.

Does your Thai garden need a new facelift? Contact the team at Pornchai Garden. You won't be disappointed with the results (check out a few of our testmonials here).

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