What Can We Do?

Together we can make a difference….

Thai Garden Design can help you to completely offset your carbon dioxide emissions. Each of us everyday are responsible for helping to release carbon into our atmosphere, even the little things, like when we turn on the lights at home, or put on the washing machine, or when we drive to work.

These little things all add up and are helping to increase carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere, increasing global warming.

So, what can we do?


The first step to reducing your carbon emissions is to understand how much you produce. This is called your ‘carbon footprint’.

The average person, who uses gas and electricity at home, drives to
work and lights a coal fire on a winter night produces on average 4.5 tonnes of carbon
dioxide every year.

Although it is easy to add carbon into the atmosphere, it is also fairly easy to ‘offset’ your carbon emissions. Forests, trees and even small plants are great at helping us combat global warming.

Work out your carbon footprint here

Trees help our environment in three major ways:

• Trees help to cool our planet by absorbing carbon dioxide.

• Trees evaporate water into the atmosphere, helping to create clouds, which reflect solar radiation back into space.

• Trees absorb sunlight and hold heat close to ground level.

Help the earth by planting trees

By planting just ONE tree, you can offset your carbon emissions by 900 kilograms (kg). This is equal to nearly a quarter of the average person’s carbon footprint.

Here at Thai Garden Design, we have over 6 acres of tree resources and plant foliage which we constantly replant when stocks are used by our clients. This means we are constantly increasing the amount of trees on our planet.

We are able to calculate your carbon footprint as an individual, business or organisation, and plant the correct amount of plant and tree material to completely offset your emissions, ensuring that you and your business’ actions do not have a negative impact on global warming.

Thankfully, we are receiving more and more of this type of request. By negating your carbon footprint, you are making a very valuable contribution in combating global warming, and you can be satisfied that as an individual or as a business, you are taking thoughtful steps to help ensure a safer future for our planet.


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