Looking after our Environment

We are all now very aware of the effect people’s everyday lives have on our environment.

Human behaviour has had an impact on our planets atmosphere. The addition of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels has lead to a warming of the earth’s temperatures. No one is totally sure on the impact increased carbon levels will have on the earth, but it is wise to limit these carbon emissions and protect our environment.

Carbon dioxide is locked up in sedimentary rocks and in fossil fuels. The continued burning of these fossil fuels is adding more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere faster than it can be removed naturally.


Carbon dioxide levels have been rising steadily since the 19th century

Increased carbon dioxide is linked with global warming. An increase in the earth’s temperature of just a few degrees will have a massive impact on our planet’s eco systems and all of our lives. This is why it is so important to do more things to limit and negate your personal carbon emissions.

What can you do?

Information on carbon offsetting

Information on global warming


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