Garden of Fish Tail Ferns

One key tip for creating successful, lush garden landscapes in Thailand (especially for those hard to 'keep green' nooks, and shady areas) is to use hardy ferns and shade loving plants to offer year round colour and vibrance.

tropical garden thailand

In this example above, the owners of this tropical garden have used a selection of low maintenance plants to create a lush tropical environment in what may otherwise be a 'non-descript' area.

Along with Nephrolrpis falcata, commonly known as fish tail ferns in the foreground, others include a bed of lush green lemongrass (Cymbopogon) along the back in front of the staircase, interspersed with collections of Dracaena Reflexa a.k.a. Song of India, which add the attractive golden foliage to the left and in the background. Foxtail Palms have also staked and supported throughout the zone, offering up shade and height to the garden.

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