Creating Privacy in your Garden – Wooden Walls

Creating privacy for the garden in Thai cities like Bangkok or Pattaya can be a tricky task. Housing estates and gated communities often have housing that is built close together, and sometimes on different levels, so blocking out views is sometimes essential. In a later post we can examine some of the best tropical trees to accomplish this, but for this post we can concentrate on wooden wall, paneled walls, or wooden screens.

In a straightforward fashion, wooden privacy walls are all about creating a nice, neat, even screen between you and the neighbours, or something else you don't want to see (like an ugly wall, for example).

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(Example above: the privacy wall on the left of the picture is constructed as part of a larger deck extension from the lounge, with shade pergola roof over the area). Wood materials, composite wood, conwood or shera wood are an excellent way to construct privacy walls. They can be designed and installed to suit budget, and maintained for longevity.

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(Picture above: the paneled wall of this sala hides the interior from neighboring properties). Wooden panels are generally low in maintenance though, and are seen as an effective and attractive screen generally. For the more adventurous, creeper vines, climbers and hanging plants can be planted at the base of such screens and grow to develop colourful walls and attractive spaces.

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Wooden walls often hide other, less attractive walls, as in the case above, which conceals a plain concrete wall (an eyesore when compared with the rest of the garden – see the job here).

Wooden walls or paneled walls are just one way to create internal privacy from the outside. If you are in need of similar ideas or installations in your garden in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design for a friendly chat.

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