Bird’s Nest Fern – Asplenium Nidus

This popular fern species, native to Asia, belongs to the large family Aspleniaceae. They are popular within domestic, resort and hotel garden settings because of their large rosette-esque light green leaves. They are an epiphyte (able to absorb nutrient and moisture supply from the air and rain, although they prefer organic material) so they can be commonly seen growing from the sides of trees or buildings all over landscapes, urban and rural, across Thailand.

asplenium nidus

(Bird's Nest Fern – the larger fern to the right of the picture above) Asplenium are a tough and adaptable plant; they can survive in low light levels and tolerate dry spells. The size of their leaves can dominate a tropical garden setting as well as cover lots of ground, which makes them a great ground cover for hard to grow areas, or shadier regions.

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