Beautiful Bali Style Garden Design, for Hua Hin Residents

Thai Garden Design just finished this Beautiful Bali Style Garden Design, for a couple living in the hills of Hua Hin

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Wonderful Combination of Treatments and Features

The house is on a large plot, around 1 rai, with the house sitting in the center. The old garden was tired, with patchy grass, haphazardly planted beds, odd shaped shrubs and trees.

tropical office plants bangkok
New feature trees decorate the walkway towards the home

The team began by completely removing several old hedges, which blocked access. This would become a stepping stoned pathway, using random cut stones embedded into a new lawn.

Other trees and plants were cleared for new curved planting beds and palms. Old pebbles were removed and replaced with more vibrant stones, and sun loving bromeliads, and spiked agave varieties. 

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Decorative Pots and Pebbles surround the borders of the home

The old garden was home to many different sized ornamental water pots, and these were all cleaned and employed with great effect within the new garden plan. 

garden design plan thai garden design
The old water feature has been brought back to life !

Hunter X-Core – Residential Sprinkler Systems

Also the old sprinkler system, which was based on the manual opening and closing of valves by the owner, was removed. It was replaced with a residential sprinkler system (Hunter X-Core) by the Thai Garden Design team. The system covered all newly planted beds, grass and trees. 

garden tropical landscaping ideas
Every view is a vibrant picture of color

An old water wall feature at the main entrance to the home was also recommissioned, and brought back to life! It is now the main feature surrounded by a colorful and decorative rock and pebble garden, palms and a large architectural Dragon tree, ensuring all who visit the home are blown away by these wonderful features. 

tropical garden designer
All plants have been used to creative effect, including this sago palm

The new garden is an absolute joy to behold and a vast improvement to the home. The owners were thrilled with the results and their new Beautiful Bali Style Garden Design. If you are in the market for improving or designing your tropical garden in Thailand, then get in touch with the team here at Thai Garden Design


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