Custom Built Jacuzzi and Garden Room, for Laemchabang Family

Thai Garden Design have just finished this awesome, custom built jacuzzi and garden room, for a family residing at Laemchabang International Country Club, Chonburi.

garden tropical landscaping ideas
A hole in the ground! Beginning of the new build. Pic 2, progress with block work and concreting

The houses on this exclusive estate are designed in such a way that there is a space between two wings of the house. The owner wanted to utilize the area so that it was a more social space for his two young sons. 

pond designer thailand
The internal plumbing revealed in pic 1, with the cladding almost finished, pic 2

Measuring around 5 x 5m, it is a decent size, easily large enough for jacuzzi type pool, which the owner was keen to design and implement.

garden tropical landscaping ideas
Team measure and install the decking frame, and pic 2, the steps are created

As the installation progressed, the overhead pergola was added, to ensure use at all times, rain or shine. This came fitted with lights, and modern style fan.

thailand landscapers
Stamped area is excavated, with the pergola frame installed (pic 2)

At the other side of the house, the Thai Garden Design team planned and installed a new stamped concrete walkway, covered by a similar modern style pergola, to make this part of the home more usable.

pergola and stamped concrete chonburi
This overhead covering pergola, and stamped concrete make the side garden usable

A color and patterning was chosen to match the existing driveway. The pergola was constructed from carbon steel, and fitted with modern downlights and rain collection guttering. 

The Finished Jacuzzi

pond designer thailand
This new garden room and jacuzzi can be used at all times, day or night

The jacuzzi tiles, a contrasting mix of sky blue and blood red, are inspired by the home owners university colors. Alongside this, a large ‘M’ tile design was installed on the floor of the jacuzzi. 

garden and balcony designer
Great new views can be enjoyed by all who use this new space

Along with the pool, part of the design was a smooth concrete bench (both sides of an entrance into the garden room area), cladded on both sides. Wood plastic composite decking is installed to lift the floor up to the internal house floor level. 

jacuzzi designer thailand
The finished pool is enjoyed by the children

The results are a visually pleasing mix of decking, natural stone cladding, sandstone capping for the jacuzzi and wall top. Vibrant blue and red tiles contrast well with the natural stone. The modern style covering pergola ensures day and night use. A custom built jacuzzi and garden room now stands where before there was only a patch of grass, and some sunken paving stones…

pond designer thailand
Amazing new views from the garden room, usable 24 hours a day

An inspired transformation of a once unused area of the home. Now, a great social space for all the family. If you are residing in Thailand and are looking for a professional and reliable landscaping partner, contact us here at Thai Garden Design today


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