A Bangkok Garden Landscape Transformed

bangkok garden landscaping Pornchai Garden – Thailand's Leading Thai Landscaping, Construction and Garden Design Company, were recently asked by a client based in Bangkok to redevelop their entire garden landscape.

The first job was to completely remove and re-landscape the old tiles and cracked grey paving present throughout the side alley ways running to the back of the house. These had become worn, old and unnattractive. After every last trace was removed, Pornchai Garden replaced this with new aesthetic paving which matched and fitted with the architecture and colour of the homestead.

landscape bangkok garden After this, the old plants were cleared away, and replaced with attractive plants and rock and pebble gardens arranged around the sides and corners of the plot.

Old trees were also removed or clipped, and new ones planted in key areas to maximise space and give good levels of shade and sun exposure in the desired areas.

bangkok garden The overall effect was to be a total transformation of this Bangkok Garden, which now remains fresh, bright, and new. Being that the majority of the garden is properly paved, this will also prove it to be a fairly easy to maintain garden.

For the quality of service, professionalism, efficiency and price, the owners were ecstatic with the results….

Are you in a similar situation? Do you own a garden in Bangkok or Thailand that needs to be reworked and transformed. The price will not be as high as you think! Contact Pornchai Garden now to begin creating your dream garden in Thailand.

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