Rock Pebble Gardens

rock pebble garden in thailand How many of us have let our gardens go bad in the past? Most of us at some point have neglected our gardens over other house and home requirements. But in Thailand, your garden is your home.

rock and pebble garden in thailand You can see from the two pictures that this simple rock and pebble garden has significantly changed the landscape for the better. Different coloured pebbles surround other nicely installed features such as the 'Never Never' plant (Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana) and the tree stump with the clay piggy figurine.

Larger, darker rocks are also present, distributed evenly amongst the pebbles.

If you have let your Thai garden go downhill a little, fear not, help is at hand. Give Pornchai Garden a call on Thailand 035 581541, we can visit your home and garden and make suggestions on how you can quickly and efficiently change your Thai garden landscape back into it's former glory.

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