Automatic Sprinkler in Thailand

The Pornchai Garden recently fitted an automatic sprinkler system in a moo bahn residence in Bangkok. The customer requested an easily controlled system, with the ability to set and change different times for the sprinklers, and with a battery back-up / memory so that during electricity black outs, the system would store the information without the need for reprogramming.

thai sprinklers

A large underground water tank (below) for the new sprinklers was installed in the corner of the plot.

garden sprinklers bangkok thailand

This was connected to the house water system, with water refilling the tank everytime the sprinklers water the garden.

watertank thai

The entirety of the plot is covered using different sprinkler heads for lawn and planting beds. The system was initially set to run twice during the day, eight minutes in the morning and eight minutes in the afternoon, although this is easily adaptable to whatever the requirement.

automatic sprinkler system bangkok thailand

thailand sprinklerThe control panel of the system was fitted unobrusively to the side of the house, with all the component parts included.

The controller / timer is located at the top right of the picture on the left, and comes with full documentation (in English) on how to program the timings of the sprinklers and use other features.

The Pornchai Garden team can also ably advise on how to program the system, although the vast majority of users find only a short amount of time is required to learn the workings of the timer etc.

This particular installation also came with a 'rain sensor', which shuts off the sprinklers in the event of rain, thus saving water and electricity, and avoiding overwatering the garden (picture below)

rainbird rain sensor bangkok thailand

If your residence in Thailand could benefit from an automatic sprinkler system then don't delay, they are not expensive to fit and can be done in just a couple of days, contact or call 080 655 8110 (Thai or English) for a full consultation.

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