New Wooden Deck for City Garden

Thai Garden Design received a phone call from an expat couple living on Sukhumvit in Bangkok. They had recently moved into the property, and because they had a young family, wanted a nice garden for the children to play and for entertaining friends and socialising. (more pictures here)

modern decking bangkok

When they moved in, the house had an existing wooden deck, but this had been poorly designed and laid.

city garden bangkok

The team were given a budget by the couple, and from this, designed a new modern style pebble garden, with pavers, and three wooden decks, one for the main house, one for an office at the far side, and a small one beside the pool, to cover pipework and utilities.

wooden decking thailand

The final look is a modern urban garden, the space is attractive and usable once again, and the couple were very happy with the finished product.

deck design bangkok pattaya hua hin

If you have a city garden that needs improving, email or call 083 885 9304.

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