Amazing Tropical Villa Landscaping – Evening Shots …

Thai Garden Design have been assisting finishing the garden installation for this home on the outskirts of Hua Hin, as can be seen from this post the lighting during the evening of the finished pool and tropical villa landscaping are really something to behold.

The water wall feature is beautiful

The team finished the stacked slate water wall feature, fitted with an automatic timer, and adjacent shower design with stainless fixtures and inset grooves, for decorative art and sculptures.

An amazing pool, and tropical potted plants

Phoenix palms line the far wall, framing the pool. Pathways, planting and an automatic sprinkler system all came as part of the final landscape design and execution. The garden also includes a number of tropical palms, trees and shrubs; lady palms, lipstick palms, heliconias, dragon trees and dwarf palms, to name but a few.

landscaping in thailand
The new villa, including roof terrace plants, is super modern and delux

Thai Garden Design also provided a selection of modern pots to go with the new modern design, installed with low maintenance plants Sago palms as an example. The rooftop garden was also fully designed and executed by the team, which included a second shower, granite bar, and modern pots and planting, sprinkler system and lighting plan.

landscape designs in thailand
The Pool at night time is a sight to behold …

The team worked closely with the villa construction team, to ensure a smooth and timely completion date for the owner. Some of the larger palms had to be crane lifted over the wall, and the sprinkler installation was completed in tandem with the accompanying pump room and electrical team. All in all, a great example of tropical villa landscaping!

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