Cascading Waterfall and Pond Design in Thailand

If you are looking for an expert contractor to build a cascading waterfall and pond design in Thailand, then look no further. Following on from a complete garden and landscape overhaul for a client residing in Hua Hin, this large pond was planned by the team to decorate and beautify the corner of the large plot (see plan below).

landscape architect in thailand
The red circle shows the location in the corner, for the waterfall

A large hole was excavated, with a concrete floor and bricked and concrete render for the sides. Drains and pipework were inset into the floor and sides, for pond jets.

pond and filter thailand
The filter is positioned at one end, with the main body of water spanning across the corner of the plot

The waterfall climbs from both sides, to a height of around 1.60m at the top. Tropical plants and trees decorate behind the waterfall, making it look like a natural part of the surrounding landscape.

landscape architect hua hin
The waterfall has several rock ‘drops’ which will sound amazing

Rocks are also positioned around the edge of the pond, with targeted spotlights lighting up the face of the waterfall at nighttime.

pond waterfall designer
The pond blends beautifully with the surrounding landscape

A brick terrace was also constructed around the edge of the pond, so family members and visitors can sit beside the pond and enjoy the fish, easily visible in the filtered water.

waterfall design
The new waterfall looks great and the pond water is clean and filtered

Nestled in the corner of this amazing new home, the waterfall is a wonderful addition to the overall landscape and atmosphere of the home. It can be viewed from almost all parts of the plot, adding a perfect tropical element to this family home. The perfect cascading waterfall and pond design in Thailand.

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