Turf Block and Concrete Driveway for Project in Hua Hin

As can be seen from the previous project post here: (Turnkey Landscaping Company in Thailand – Project in North Hua Hin) a large part of the success of this build was the design and installation of a large Turf Block and Concrete Driveway, linking the large carport to the newly constructed home.

concrete designs thailand
The before picture shows the extent of the work needed to be completed …

The site was a difficult one. Large and during periods of heavy rain, the team needed to follow a plan and converse regularly with the owner.

landscaping company hua hin
The concrete is shuttered and poured, so to be extremely hard

Part of the direction was the need for non slip pathways, so older relatives had good and easy access across all areas. For this purpose the team designed a network of linking sandwash pathways from the access gates, car park areas, all leading to the main entrance of the house.

hua hin hardscapes and landscapes
The slope has both drive space and walkway

The turf block driveway was devised so that this large hardscape area would still be green, but with strength. Grass can be cultivated in the gaps of the turf block. A reinforced 10 cm concrete pour lay underneath the turf block.

pebble crete and sandwash thailand
A network of non-slip pebble crete (sandwash) pathways lead to the home …

Slope areas with steep gradients also needed to be navigated by the team. Over a period of 8 weeks, the concrete and turf block driveway was complete. Grass was planted within the gaps, and the sprinkler system was trained onto the driveway from the surrounding garden beds, so this is covered 24-7 days of the year, ensuring the health of the grass.

Various angle shots of the finished drive, leading to the home …

The area, which measured over 500 sqm, was gradually transformed, and is now a lovely mix of sandwash, turf block and patterned pavers, giving the owner an extremely strong area for parking, but one that is nice and green all year round.

turf block grass and hardscape
The grass gives hardscape strength, with a grassy finish

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