Attractive Stone Walls in Thailand – How to make Slopes more Attractive …

The team at Thai Garden Design have been busy in Hua Hin lately. In this example, a new homeowner in the outskirts of the city required a professional build team to create an attractive stone walls in Thailand, specifically, at the front of his hilltop home.

stone work landscape thailand
The stone work is a much nicer finish to this earthy slope …

Sitting on top of a natural rock face, a large portion of the slope was earth and dirt. This didn’t look nice for the owner, and they were looking for a solution.

landscaping designs thai
A secondary wall is constructed

Thai Garden Design had recently built this attractive gabion wall in the same home, and so this seemed a logical direction for the team to follow.

thai landscape design
A sub layer of concrete is laid first …

Landscaping and Construction Solutions

The team planned on concreting the slope, and using the same type of stones to decorate. A foundation layer of concrete was carefully laid, with the team practicing health and safety by attaching themselves with straps to the upper gabion wall.

stone wall thailand
The new slope is nearly completed …

A second stone wall was built just below the main wall, creating a walkway at the top of the hill. As the slope was gradually covered by the first concrete layer, this was followed by a second layer of stones, which matched with the gabion and second wall (above).

landscape thailand
Bougainvillea are planted just behind the new wall

Finally, bougainvillea was planted just behind the wall, in a new layer of soil. These will gradually grow over the wall to create a lovely vista, view able from both roadside and from inside the house. A difficult and technical job, the owners were extremely pleased with the look of the final slope.

thailand garden designs
The new slope is decorated with rock, solid, and a great look for this majestic home …

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