Family Garden Decking and Modern Water Feature for Bangkok Homes

Thai Garden Design recently completed this urban garden transformation at a popular family residential estate in Central Bangkok. The main features included a good sized family garden decking and modern water feature for this Bangkok Home.

water feature builder bangkok
The new entrance garden, decking and water feature are a world apart from the old space …

The home had been left without tenants for some time, and the garden levels had depleted and subsided underneath the house. This was immediately solved by the team, who installed concrete panels along the bottom beam of the house, to stop more subsidence.

bangkok landscaper
New privacy screening and rock garden, with lipstick palm

The earth levels were replenish, irrigation reconnected, and pipework for lighting installed.

landscape architect bangkok
This front garden space is about to dramatically change for the better …

At the front of the home the new owners planned a large wood plastic composite decking, easily accessed from the living room, and at the corner an attractive water wall feature, providing a relaxing sound of flowing water.

bangkok landscaping company
Amazing new front garden at this Bangkok urban home …

The decking was constructed on top of a strong steel frame, with concrete footings, built to last!

bangkok home gardens
Privacy wall erected, plus tropical planting and an attractive rock garden …

A planting plan was agreed, listing some varieties of low maintenance palms (lipstick palm, Mcarther palms) plus a new frangipani tree and dragon tree as feature trees.

bangkok garden planner
An amazing feature in any garden, custom built

One side was left with an open view to the street (several large trees removed) and grassed, with less sunlit areas a decorative collection of pebbles and pavers. Privacy screens were constructed along several key areas.

tropical garden designerSeveral garden designs were provided prior to the installation, and all in the job took just 2 weeks to complete, from start to finish, including Decking and Modern Water Feature. The owners were very happy with the end transformation. Another successful job by the Thai Garden Design team!

thailand decking designer
Tropical decking, by Thai Garden Design

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