Stacked Slate Water Wall Feature, for Hua Hin Swimming Pool …

Thai Garden Design are in the middle of a new garden installation in the mountains of Central Hua Hin, where a new large development is being constructed. One of the owners has a double plot, which the team are currently landscaping, and so further updates will be posted as the job progresses.

The pump room ‘skeleton’ has just started

The first job for the Thai Garden Design team was to complete this unique stacked slate water wall feature and shower, facing the new pool within the front section of the garden.

A great aerial shot of the pool and wall, water wall at front, and shower to the side …

Housing the pump room, the front of the wall has a catchment trough, so water can ripple downwards, and then once again re-circulate back to the top of the feature, without any connection to the pool water.

The Waterwall doubles up as a pool facing feature, and shower

The shower (above) is easily accessible from the pool, and has lovely sandstone tiles within the central section, and shelves at either side, for ornaments chosen by the owner. Inside there will be a small room which will house the pump room and utilities.

The Pool Shower is unique and has shelves for ornaments either side …

The shower head and handles have yet to be fitted, and a video will be posted of the water wall ‘in action’ once the pool is finished, and the feature has been fully tested. Both sides of the stacked slate and water wall feature have been coated in clear acrylic sealer, to protect the slate from weathering and calcification.

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