Cool Urban Garden Design, for New Homeowners in Bangkok CBD

This latest job was just completed. The corner building was being newly renovated by the new owners, and they were looking for a Cool Urban Garden Design to complement to this unique and modern home. The Thai Garden Design team got to work.

The Final Design was Approved, and Installed as Shown

After several back and forth email conversations, the final landscape design was approved and costed. When the timing was right, the customer informed Thai Garden Design, who then arrived to create the new garden.

The Garden Area before ….

Overall, the job just took 2 days, including planters, plants, rock gardens and stepping stones, and an automatic sprinkler system.

A Great New Garden Space

Because the home has large windows running the length of the home, the garden is easily viewed from inside, and so the owners wanted a clean, modern garden design that would be low maintenance.

A Nice Mix of Colour and Potted Bamboo ..

As the house is located on the corner, the design was to include tall bamboo that can help screen out neighbouring buildings. Over time, the bamboo will thicken up and provide complete coverage.

A Neat and Low Maintenance Urban Garden

The garden is a nice complement to this modern new home, and the customers were pleased with the final results, which reflected the design accurately. A Cool Urban Garden Design had become a reality.

The Sprinkler System is in Action

Several tree species were specified by the owner, which were sourced and brought in by the team.

If you reside in Bangkok, or indeed anywhere in Thailand, and you are looking to improve your garden space, then you’re in the right place. Contact Thai Garden Design now for a chat about your perfect garden.


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