Amazing New Tropical Landscaped Garden in Pattaya

Is your tropical garden a place you want to ‘hang out’? We reside in Thailand, but it seems many times the garden space is overlooked, neglected or an after thought. This garden in Pattaya was underwhelming and the owners wanted a transformation. They wanted to have an amazing new tropical landscaped garden in Pattaya.

A tired yard… Lots of potential

After a few weeks of planning and designing, the date was set and the Thai Garden Design team got to work. The new landscape would include removal of around a dozen large trees, complete clean up and new soil added.

And the ‘after’ picture says it all …

Plus a comprehensive array of tropical plants and ground covers, and a fully automatic watering system (Hunter) plus a new lighting modern system.

The entrance is now clean, colourful and welcoming

The teams first task was to completely rid the garden of all the unwanted trees, plants and root systems. They then spent several days bringing in new soil levels, to raise the land and give a good base for the new lawn.

The new tropical garden is a huge transformation …


Mixing up the Landscape …

New random cut stone pavers linked the front terrace, and neat brickwork separates the lawn area from the planting areas. The grass (Malaysia broad leaf type) was installed on top of the newly graded soil, and rolled.

Amazing new view, from the terrace …

Once all the unwanted trees were cut and cleared, this left lots of room for more interesting foliage types including heliconia, lady palms, and areca palms.

Great looking new lawn, nd border plants and trees

A new tank was installed, and linked to the underground bore. This ensures the new garden is automatically watered every day, twice a day, helping the garden to grow healthily in the hot tropical climate of Thailand.

An amazing new tropical landscaped garden in Pattaya was achieved. The owners were very happy and it proved another success for Thai Garden Design. If you need help with renovation of your garden in Thailand, get in touch! 


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