Composite Decking for a Large Pool Terrace in Bangkok

The Thai Garden Design team just installed this composite decking for a large pool terrace in Bangkok. The original decking was an unsightly problem. The underneath wooden timbers had rotten through, meaning the top deck was becoming uneven, with many tripping hazards. Some parts of the deck had completely collapsed.

The Previous Decking had become an unsightly problem …

The owner had become concerned and was looking for a profession decking installation team, so he called Thai Garden Design.

The Elevated Framework being Constructed …

Samples and colours of different shades of high quality Wood Plastic Composite wood were offered and chosen. The Thai Garden Design team began by removing all the old top deck, and underneath timber structures.

Solid Foundation is Built under the New Deck

An Amazing Family Pool Terrace

Surround concrete and brickwork were improved, rebuilt and strengthened. The team then built an extremely resilient framework of steel that stands up to the climate of Thailand far better than the vast majority of timber types.

The New WPC Deck looks Fab with the Pool …

Step by step the new WPC decking was installed, with an attractive outer border running around the outside of the staggered top deck.

What a Difference the new Decked Terrace makes to the house …

The results speak for themselves.

The home now resembles a tropical resort

The new composite decking ensures that the lovely family home has a pool terrace and deck befitting of such a lovely home. Access around all doorways and across the garden are now ensured.

Now all doors are accessible around the pool decking …

The pool now has multiple areas to relax, available from all areas of the house.

The Pool Deck looks Amazing

If you own a home that has a poorly constructed, or aging decking and you are thinking of a longer term and attractive solution, then contact Thai Garden Design. And you too could own an amazing composite decking for a large pool terrace in Bangkok.


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