Variegated Balsam Apple Trees – Great for Indoor Spaces

Thai Garden Design are suppliers of indoor plants and trees to brighten and freshen up interior spaces across Thailand. In these examples, we look at the variegated balsam apple – great for indoor spaces in offices, restaurants, cafes and hotel lobbies.

Variegated balsam apple are great for brightening up indoor spaces …

The Balsam Apple (also known as autograph tree, Clusia rosea, Pitch Apple) is a small tree, growing up to around 6-10m tall, but much less when confined within pots. They have showy, bright glossy leaves, especially noticeable with variegated versions of the tree.

The potted trees add so much to cafes, restaurants and office spaces …

These trees do  best when exposed to natural light, and prefer moderate levels of watering, again scaled down within a lower light environment. If used in shade, they need to be rotated with other trees to keep them looking strong. Larger, well drained pots work best with this type of tree.

The Terrace at D’ark Lab, Sukhumvit soi 16

Thai Garden Design can supply dozens of different indoor plants and trees to your interior spaces. For a full list or friendly consultation, just contact the team at Thai Garden Design so we can help you to make the most of your office and interior plants in Bangkok.


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