Tropical Resort Garden Renovation at the Thai Garden Resort, Pattaya

Recently Thai Garden Design partnered with the Thai Garden Resort Pattaya, to improve the general landscaping and provide a tropical resort garden renovation at their popular resort in Pattaya.

The team place a heavy garden statue

The Thai Garden Resort has been in operation for over twenty years. Consisting of a low rise resort, it houses 227 Standard and Deluxe rooms and one and two bedroom apartments. The gardens are sprawling and a vital part of the resort experience.

The new garden design is a spectacular display …

Over the years the gardens had overgrown a little and were a little tired, so the Thai Garden Resort team needed help from Thai Garden Design.

The Thai Garden Design team install a new Weeping fig tree (Ficus)

Designing and Installing Tropical Resorts

The design team suggested various changes, re-locations of certain plants and trees, general clean up and removal of unwanted. New grass, and new low maintenance plants. A plant list and proposal were submitted and approved.

An intriguing terrace surrounded by tropical trees

The new plants were a massive complement to the existing grounds, all the gardens around the guest rooms were replanted and improved. The pool area, a vital and popular part of the resort, had all the existing ground covers and grass removed, and replanted.

Amazing Statues are dotted around the tropical gardens of the resort ..

New plants and trees added to this tropical resort garden renovation, and included new fig trees (ficus), lipstick palms, lady palms, ixora (ground cover), red ginger, various croton species, spider lily’s and different varieties of ferns, to name just a few.

This large decorative pot was used to break up the planting plan …

New statues and ornamental pots were added around the walkways, to complement the plants, and ensure the network of pathways around this large resort are all equally interesting and decorative.

The new garden is a great success, and help to gather more praise and complements from visiting guests to this amazing resort in Pattaya, Thailand. If you own a resort or business in Thailand, and you need assistance with your garden landscaping, then why not contact Thai Garden Design for a friendly chat about your needs.


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