Concept Children’s Playground Completed – Berkeley International School, Bangkok

After six months of planning, designing, re-designing and build time, finally this concept children’s playground design at Berkeley International School Bangkok is completed.

The Playground Opens up into a Courtyard of Mixed Hard and Softscape Features …

The area is now over 1000 sqm of fun filled activities, interesting softscapes, vibrant and colourful hardscapes, floating toys, and heavily shaded areas with an amazing array of planting and large low-maintenance structures.

Natural Shade and Open Spaces Make this Playground a Joy for All

This Concept Children’s Playground Design is really is unique within any school or landscape in Thailand.

This Raised Stage Area is Great for Shows, and the Kids can Escape down the Sliders …

Planning and design has been intense and ongoing, making the final layout a real masterpiece which flows from one feature to the next.

New Interesting Features Break up the Landscape ….

Over the next few posts we will break down each structure and outline the design and build specifications. Here are some of the main structures which make up this amazing new concept children’s playground.

The Playhouse

This Playhouse will be a Hive of Activity for the Kids …

The Playhouse offers a slanted climbing bridge, suitable for children of all ages, climbing news and a sala on the upper floor. There is also a great space underneath, for small gatherings and children’s meet-ups. Like the entire space, artificial grass has been installed which is soft underfoot and a safe material for play.

The Rope Bridge

This Rope Bridge helps the Kids to Balance and Safely Navigate Around One Another …

The Rope Bridge is more of a combination or ‘rope’ and ‘wpc’ boards, with a treated steel framework. All the structures within the playground are made of high quality steel and wood plastic components, for longevity. This playground is built to last.

The Stage

An Amazing Shaded Stage, for Kids Activities and Outdoor Assemblies …

The Stage is a large raised area, over 1m above ground level, but surrounded with safety railings, and covered with shade sails and natural tree shade. At one end are two fun sliders, for a quick escape! Low maintenance planting around the edges make this a wonderful place to spend time, and a good place for teacher and children to discuss issues at hand.

The Sandpit

This Curved Sandpit offers Fun under Vinyl Shade Sails …

No playground would be complete without a shaded sandpit. This sandpit has a curved design, built in reinforced polished concrete which also doubles up as seating for adults and children. The design includes good drainage in the bottom of the pit.

The Kid’s Kitchen

This Kids Kitchen is Perfect and Low Maintenance for Outdoor Use …

This low maintenance structure has an attractive stamped concrete floor, polished concrete units, sink and taps, plus storage space. All the units are built for children height, so these kids really can get busy in the kitchen.

Overview of the Project

This concept children’s playground has too many other features to list in one post, so expect more details in the coming days. The playground has a fully automatic sprinkler system, a pest control network underneath the artificial grass.

Planting Bins and Balance Toys Decorate this Landscape

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