Modern Roof Garden for Expat Couple, in Le Bua, Hua Hin

Check out this latest project, completed this week by the Thai Garden Design team. The direction was to design and install a modern roof garden for an Expat couple, residing in Le Bua Resort in the mountains of Hua Hin, Thailand.

Before: The Team are planning the new Design …

The Le Bua is a modern development consisting of many houses, each with their own roof area terrace. As can be seen from the above picture, each house has a simple tiled roof, but these areas can be so much more.

A Unique, Modern Roof Landscape


Low Maintenance Planting Schemes

Due to the heat and exposure, it was paramount that the plant list is geared for heavy sun, and so many desert type plants were chosen. Many of these are very architectural, with some great ranges of colour and foliage.

A Collection of Amazing Low Maintenance Plants

The team run HDPE pipes around the perimeter and an automatic sprinkler and timer were installed, to run twice every day. Also a low voltage light system was also included, to automatically come on every evening at 6pm.

Original Landscape Plan (some modifications to the final installation).

As can be seen from the landscape plan picture below, the is a mix of artificial turf, a wood plastic composite deck, for sitting, and a mix of pebble stone which create a colourful and modern backdrop.

A Wonderful New Roof Garden


Improving your Home in Thailand

The couple were extremely pleased with the final garden, which has meant that they have opened up more living space for themselves and for visitors. The space will be utilized more often, and is a great new addition to this villa.

After: The New Roof is Unrecognizable …

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