Accent Palms as Features – Sago Palm (ต้นปรง)

cycas revolta thailand tropical palm cycad

A popular feature in many city gardens and within low-maintenance urban gardens, small trees or accent palms can be an economical way to create a talking point, as well as stay with a natural feel.

A good tropical plant to use in such situations is the 'cycad sago palm', otherwise known as cycas revolta, very distinctive for its symmetrical crown of green shiny leaves and thick shaggy trunk. It is in fact not a palm at all, but a 'cycad'.

Positioned in a corner or as part of a planting scheme, accent plants like the sago palm can really add style to a Thai garden landscape.

In this example, Pornchai Garden constructed a concrete plant box in which the sago sits, with a seating area adjacent made with a railway sleeper for a comfortable, durable and interesting place to sit.

Simple, aesthetic, low maintenance and cost effective.

Need help in your garden in Thailand? Contact Pornchai Garden for a professional, hassle free and cost effective landscaping service.

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