Tropical Garden Renewal for Pattaya Expat Couple

Thai Garden Design designed and installed this new tropical garden for an Expat couple living in Central Pattaya. The original garden was a plain grass lawn, which had become patchy and dry. Shade from the tall wall had meant large sections of the 'sun-loving' grass were starved of light and so couldn't grow well. The team recommended planting low maintenance trees and plants close to the wall, with a tougher grass type used in the main garden.

garden designer pattaya

The main focus of the new planting scheme is the ปาล์มยะวา, or Livistonia robinsonniana palm, which was supplied at 3m tall, and spaced across the length of the garden. Schefflera arboricola, or Drawf Umbrella Tree make up the majority of the ground cover, with some tall Cordyline fruticosa (ต้นหางหงส์) adding a vibrant mauve colour to the mix and covering the view of the wall from the house.

thailand garden palms

The view from the house is transformed and a joy compared with the previous garden. Over time, these plants and palms will spread wider and grow taller, making the garden more and more tropical. If you have an unsightly or unnattractive part of your Thai garden that you would like designed, why wait? Contact Thai Garden Design for more information on how to drastically improve your garden in Thailand!

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