Tropical Garden Pond in Thailand

A tropical garden pond in Thailand is a great and timeless addition to any garden landscape. Thai Garden Design have built some breath-taking ponds (please try searching ‘waterfall’ in the search bar, top right of this website).

garden design and pond
The brick skeleton of a Thai Garden Design pond …

As new owners of this nice garden in Bangkok, the garden was a little dull, also some ‘inherited’ fish were to be housed in the garden, so a nice ornamental pond was needed.

building a pond in thailand
The overhanging rocks are cemented into position …

Directly opposite the main garden terrace, and in view of the main dining areas, the Thai Garden Design team drew out and approved the shape of the main pond.

landscaped garden ideas
The main water fall is under construction …

This was in turn constructed with expert brickwork, rendered with concrete, and the waterfall slab, sat back from the main pond, was laid.

garden tropical landscaping ideas
The team have created an awesome garden water feature …

An Experienced Landscape Team

Our team have been building these types of water features for many years, and so we have the experience to really create something special. 

wonderful rock pond thailand
Amazing tropical pond for this lovely garden …

The plants, a mix of bromeliads, spider lily, ferns, and a large dracaena, complement this lovely rock waterfall pond. The automatic timer means that the owners can have it on at optimal times of the day.

landscaping team based in thailand
Plants and rocks make a wonderful combination …

And a UV mechanical filter system comes fitted as standard, keeping the water clear and clean. The filter is hidden around the back of the waterfall and only needs minimal maintenance.

tropical pond designs
An amazing water feature for any garden …

Thai Garden Design have the most qualified team for installing such features. Install an amazing Tropical Garden Pond in Thailand today! contact us today for more information. 


Let us help you to decorate your Thai garden. Browse some of our wonderful Thai garden features here.



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