Contemporary Balcony Gardens in Bangkok

With many Bangkok condo’s coming onto the market, it might be a good time to look for your perfect city condo… And therefore also time to design and implement your perfect balcony or rooftop garden. Thai Garden Design have many years experience building Contemporary Balcony Gardens in Bangkok.

bangkok balcony company
The plants have arrived 24 floors up …

All sizes, shapes and styles. In this recent example, Thai Garden Design we invited into the heart of the city to create various different themes across the four different garden areas within this large unit. 

garden designer in thailand
Team hard at work building the garden

One main element that would make this space stand out is two large vertical gardens at either side of the main viewing point… These were to break up the very large concrete pillars that tower this space. 

modern balcony designer
The tropical plants make a huge difference to this unique space

Both vertical gardens are fitted with automatic sprinklers.

Modern Balcony Designs

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garden plan balcony thailand
The landscape plan was approved by the owner of the property

The team originally designed the condo with some directions from the client. The design phase took several weeks and submissions, once approved the team were scheduled to start. 

Tropical thailand balcony
Jungle concept has come to life

Being 24 floors up, logistics were critical and the team had to work with the condo management staff to ensure all safety protocols were consistently met.

contemporary balcony designs
Unique modern art, surrounded by greenscape

Several key balcony areas were installed, some with the use of artificial foliage (interior areas, with no access to water or light levels). Built in balcony planters were filled with high grade soil, and low maintenance tropical shrubs and plants. 

balcony foliage plants
The plants give a tropical feel with this fantastic skyline view

The final garden is a contemporary mix of colour and foliage of various depths and heights. A wonderful contrast to the unique style of the condo, the green planted areas breathe life into every area.

vertical gardens bangkok thailand
This vertical garden design can be adapted and tweaked as time passes

If you are interested to improve your Balcony Gardens in Bangkok, great, you’ve found us. Contact Thai Garden Design today for a friendly consultation. 


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