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This job was recently completed in Central Bangkok, where the owners wanted to make the side areas of their home usable, and private. They were looking for a Patterned Concrete Company in Bangkok. They found us here, at Thai Garden Design

landscape architect bangkok
Now hardscaped, this area of the home has increase the living size

Offering a range of colours and pattern options, the husband and wife liked the more zesty and brighter options, and decided to build a privacy fence along the long wall in the same colour. 

patterned concrete bangkok
A nice private side alley of the house

Shallow piles and a compacted sub-base were installed, along with a reinforced concrete slab, and finally the patterned concrete. The finished top layer has a coat of clear protector applied, to ensure dirt, grit and other materials cannot penetrate the new pattern. Its a very tough, non-slip surface. 

garden fencing thailand
The inside of the property is now screened off from the street

The fence was constructed using a galvanized framework, and stainless bolts and screws. Composite panels were painted and attached securely to the frame. Done professionally, both these finishes are attractive and can add a lot of character to any home. 

fencing bangkok
The fence looks attractive, inside and outside

The combination is nice, and has greatly expanded the usable space around the living areas. Cool, private and a great improvement on the previous. Both the composite wood screen, and stamped concrete floor offer low maintenance and hardwearing properties that suit many home owners in Thailand. 

garden design company
Attractive, and low maintenance

If you are looking for garden solutions, landscape improvements, or a patterned concrete company in Bangkok, look no further! We offer visitations, full landscape and garden design, ponds, terrace work, wall work, sala and pergola installations, and automatic sprinkler systems.  Contact Thai Garden Design today for more information.


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