Drainage Solutions for Bangkok Gardens

Drainage is often an issue with many Bangkok gardens. Houses are often designed with drainage as an after thought, the acts of heavy rainfall being deemed an act of nature which we cannot defend against. Drainage solutions for Bangkok gardens are available, as seen in this latest project.

decking wpc bangkok thailand
The old concrete structure is removed finally

This project also entailed many other elements, one being a problematic cement slab, very large, which had begun to subside. The owners liked the terrace area offered by the slab, but were worried about further sinking. 

decking designs bangkok thailand
The new decking is built to last and large enough to sit in the new garden

A new garden was designed that removed the slab completely, with a smaller WPC deck installed, at the back of the plot, with a tiled slab at the front. The rest of the garden would be grassed, and planted with border shrubs and privacy trees. 

drainage design bangkok thailand
French drain solution for times of flood and heavy rainfall

Drainage Solutions

Thick perforated pipes were run around the main problem areas for drainage. Within a gravel lined ‘French drain design‘, the subsoil was sloped into the drain, which was linked to the city drains. Problem solved!

modern landscaping designs bangkok
Different styles and improved privacy have transformed this space

This side of the garden was then decorated with the existing slabs and a new pebble stone design. The concrete borders were improved and beds planted. 

tropical urban garden bangkok
Newly tiled terrace, new grass and bird bath decorate this space

New soil and grass were installed at the front of the garden, with an stylish stone bird bath located at the far corner.

garden design bangkok
A modern urban garden in Bangkok

A complete Bangkok urban garden transformation, an extension of the couples living area, and one that doesn’t flood during the rainy months. 

hedge trees thailand
The front garden has improved dramatically

For more information on improving your garden or if you are looking for drainage solutions for Bangkok Gardens then contact Thai Garden Design now for more information.


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